Blitz Alumni Paul Summers launches Fuelled by Nature

Blitz Alumni Paul Summers launches Fuelled by Nature

Looking towards 2019 with Goals and aspirations of getting healthy, then what other way than to add the “Fuelled by Nature” protein to your daily supplements. This new Organic Protein formula has been releases by former London Blitz Alumni Paul Summers.

So we caught up with Paul and had a Q&A about “Fuelled by Nature” to understand what his vision is for this fantastic product and how we could get our Extended Blitz Family some discounted Organic Protein an other associated supplements.



Q: provide the Blitz Family with a description of your business?

Our mantra is ‘Fuelled by nature’ to formulate the cleanest, best performing, highest quality fitness supplements.

Our Mission

To provide the best organic, plant-based sports supplements with 100% natural ingredients backed by science to benefit health, vitality and performance whilst supporting the well-being of our planet.


Q: How long have you been in business? In this business?

We started in April 2018 with our design and formulation phase and launched our product range in November 2018. We had 7 months working with sports nutritionists and taste testing products to ensure our products taste good, provide a health and performance benefit in addition to being sourced and farmed responsibly and sustainably. To prove this, we wanted our products to be externally certified to demonstrate they are 100% natural with no artificial ingredients and our ingredients organically farmed, hence, our products have gone through vigorous testing and we are happy to say all our products are certified organic by Organic Farmers and Growers and registered with the vegan society.


Q: How did you get started in this business? 

The sports nutrition market is changing rapidly. For years athletes have obsessed over diet and training then taken any chemically laden trash being bought in by at best sketchy at worst dangerous and illegal marketing spiel and sales tactics. That isn’t for us, we believe in the best, highest quality, raw ingredients and complete transparency in we list everything that is in our products and the ingredients backed by science. People are more aware than ever of the importance of whole, natural foods and moving away from certain supplements due to this. We want to be at the forefront of the natural, wholefood revolution providing ethical, responsibly farmed natural ingredients blended specifically to support health and sports performance.


How did you get the background and skills necessary to run this type of business?

My education background is Sports & Exercise Sciences and sports nutrition. I am a qualified personal trainer and have had years of experience taking sports nutrition products as a high-level sports performer. 

Such a busy market how do you compete and what separates you from your competitors?

It is a busy market but also a rapidly growing one as people realise the benefit of supplements to support a healthy diet and exercise plan. Unfortunately, it is also not a regulated one, anyone can come up with a product and put it on the market that could contain anything. How we differ is our products are ‘great for you, great for the planet’ 

Great for you... science drives our design. In that the ingredients we use in our blends are backed by comprehensive scientific studies to support health and performance backing the claims we make. 100% natural wholefoods will only ever be present in our products, just as mother nature intended nothing artificial or genetically modified. Science is catching up with what Mother nature and the ancient warriors have told us for centuries that the earth provides the best supplements for performance and wellbeing. Many sports nutrition products ingredient lists read like a foreign language of artificial chemicals. You would never include these in your meals and diet, and this should also be the case for supplements. We are at the forefront of a new way of designing and formulating sports nutrition.

Great for the planet… Our products are certified Organic and registered with the vegan society. Any products can say they are organic sourced and suitable for vegans etc. With our certifications our products are batch tested and vigorously assessed to prove these claims. Additionally, we only use plant-based natural ingredients and are cruelty free. No artificial colourings, flavours, sweeteners. Being organic they are also chemical and GMO free. Organic means working with nature, not against it. It means higher levels of animal welfare, lower levels of pesticides, no manufactured herbicides or artificial fertilisers and more environmentally sustainable management of the land and natural environment.  This means more wildlife, more bees, more insects, more birds, better soil and better food!  It’s at the heart of the bigger picture and as we all know.


Q: How do you market your business? How are people aware of your business?

We have our website, social media platforms that have regular content on our ingredients. We sell on amazon and in the process of working with qualified nutritional influencers in addition to being in talks with national retailers and elite sports clubs. 

Where do you see your business in the next year? In the next five years? The next ten years?

Over the next year we would like to establish ourselves as the leading health and nutrition company for developing the cleanest, best performing plant-based and organic sports nutrition whilst supporting the well-being of the planet.

Five years – Have a wide range of 100% natural health and fitness products supporting varying goals of our customers both nationally and internationally.


Q: Can you describe your customers?

People who care about what they are putting in their bodies and care about health and performance of themselves and the planet. Naturally we have a lot of interest from those following a vegan diet. Especially as the drive and media interest in veganism is growing massively (and so it should be). There is a high and growing number of people who understand the importance of wholefoods and organically sourced ingredients that benefit from our products. Elite sports performers where even a ½ percent improvement in performance yields massive benefits looking for a competitive edge are using our products.


Q: Why do your customers select you over your competitors?

Organically certified100% plant-based100% naturalIngredients backed by science


Q: Are there any ethical concerns that your type of business must deal with? 

Packaging/plastic is the big issue in our industry – We are pleased to say we do not use plastic for packaging. Our powders are in foil pouches and our capsules are in glass bottles with aluminium lids so 100% recyclable.

Responsibly Sourcing of ingredients – Sourcing from organic farms has huge benefits over modern farming techniques for the planet, environment and wildlife.

Animal cruelty – All our products are 100% plant-based. In addition to being cruelty free manufacturing plant-based ingredients is so healthy for the environment! It requires less land, water, and other resources to grow crops for plant-based nutrition. It’s cleaner for the environment, produces less waste and greenhouse gas emissions than the production of animal containing products.


Q: So how can we get this fantastic product and a discount for our Blitz and Extended Family?

By using the following Discount code  BLITZ  (This will be for 25% off)

unnamed (2).jpg

New players and Rookie Session 2019

All are welcome to come and try their hand at American Football with the London Blitz. Whether you are an experienced player or keen to play for the first time, come down to the session to become part of the club.

The sessions will take place at:

Market Road Pitches
Market Road, Islington
N7 9PL
United Kingdom

Please see the Facebook event below for more detail and the dates below:

January 13th 11:00-14:00.

January 20th 11:00-14:00.

Just come along with football boots, warm sports kit and water, everything else will be provided.

Visit for all the information you'll need.


To our Brother, #77 Joseph

To our Brother, #77 Joseph

The London Blitz lose a brother way before his time.  

Joseph was a solid example of a young man trying to give his all in life. Working hard with the senior setup and also maintaining his assistance with the youth setup showcased what it meant to be part of the Blitz Family and a genuine young man.

Joseph played for both the London Blitz under 17s and under 19s before moving up to the London Blitz Elite Squad. Playing in Europe and in many Britbowl Finals with the Elite team Joseph excelled and had an opportunity to go to America and live his dream of playing American Football at college.


Joseph suffered some seizures prior to leaving for America in pursuit of a making a playing career at college. Whilst in America the seizures continued and over time grew worse and resulted in Joseph having a stroke.

Joseph came back to London from America where he was awaiting a Heart Transplant and went through extensive surgery to provide a pump which would assist his heart in the short term.  As with any complex surgery comes complex risks and this was that Joseph had a Blood Clot, thus meaning emergency surgery was required. Joseph spent 7 hours in Emergency Surgery and afterwards he was in a critical state with internal bleeding. This led to Joseph losing his fight.

This is an extremely upsetting time for all friends, family and loved ones. Our thoughts and prayers are with all.

Joseph touched many hearts and made many more brothers through the Blitz Family and American football.


“I had the pleasure in Playing side by side with Joseph. He was very well liked and brought smiles to everyone’s face (apart from the opposition). Our support, thoughts and Prayers go to Josephs Family, friends and team mates. He will be missed and always remembered at the Blitz”

Jack Daley: London Blitz Chairman

“To play alongside such a courageous, talented and genuine person is something I will never forget, Joseph was in every way the heart and soul of any situation he graced his presence on. Always thinking about others and worked hard to ensure he pushed others to perform. I will remember his smile and solid attitude towards life”

Jamie Charles: London Blitz #98

As it stands the club are offering our support to the family and friends. When we hear any more information we will let you all know.

The London Blitz Family and Friends would like to offer our support to ensure he gets the send-off that he deserves. 

Such a young talented and inspirational young man with his life ahead of him taken so early deserves the send-off which would mirror his way of life. Amazingly Kind full and full of Energy. 

Please donate whatever you can in order for this to happen. 

Our Boy #77

We will keep everybody updated with dates for the Funeral.


Juniors crowned conference champs with unbeaten regular season

Juniors crowned conference champs with unbeaten regular season

Last weekend, the U19 team faced off against the 4-1 Solent Seahawks looking to end the regular season with a perfect 6-0 record.

The game ended 58-0 with the Blitz storming into the post-season in good form.

With 3 TDs through the arm of Leonardo Sophoclis, the receiver corps had a field day with TDs from Brandon Evans, Malachi Marquis-Adams, Kelvin Sebastian and rushing TDs from RBs Ifouma, Lennox Osei-Biney and Nathan Oti - the run game in the first quarter produced 172 yards off of 8 carries and 311 off 25 on the day.

All this success was really a result of a tremendous effort by the O-line with outstanding performances from James Faminu, Jacques O’Dywer and Oliver Joseph Wilson.

On D, the Line stood strong again to keep a clean sheet with Joseph Hurley causing hurt with 8 tackles and 3 for a loss.

The secondary took 2 picks - with Matteo Mcdowell bringing in a pass ricocheting off a helmet.

On special teams Malachi Jameson and J Hurley proved too much for the Solent punt unit with 2 fumble recoveries, and the Blitz kick-off team recovered two kicks.

With this win the Blitz celebrate winning the South Division 1 title while also preparing for what will be a challenging post-season with a return trip to Sixways on the line.

Image courtesy of Jody Demay-Davies

Image courtesy of Jody Demay-Davies

Tigers and Saints Match Programme (Free)

Tigers and Saints Match Programme (Free)

Click on the image below to download the match-day programme for the London Blitz double-header hosting the Thames Valley Tigers and Bury Saints (File Size: 2.2 MB).

DSA 2018 Combine now open for registration

DSA 2018 Combine now open for registration

Dynamic Sports Academy are hosting their next American Football Combine for 14-24 year olds on Sunday, Sept 16th, 2018.

Tickets available here

The DSA are also proud to announce that Football America UK will be sponsoring the event once again.

The Combine will consist of speed and power measurables, positional work, and inside and outside skellys, as well as coaching by some of the best coaches in the UK.

  • Ages 14-24 years
  • The event is NON-KITTED
  • Date – Sunday, Sept 16th, 2018
  • Time – 10:30 check-in; 12:00-16:00 on-field work
  • Location – Crystal Palace Indoor Dome, London
  • Cost – £45 (plus booking fee) and includes exclusive Combine Shirt & Shorts*
  • Only 80 SPOTS available - with limited spaces per playing position
  • Registration closes Sunday August 12th, 2018 @9pm
  • Attendee's to WEAR WHITE SOCKS (due to filming) and appropriate footwear for ASTRO TURF

*Only provided gear may be worn during the event


Warriors and Sabres Match Programme (Free)

Warriors and Sabres Match Programme (Free)

Click on the image below to download the match-day programme for the London Blitz double-header hosting the London Warriors and East Essex Sabres (File Size: 1 MB).

Blitz announce partnership with The Big Bottle Company

Blitz announce partnership with The Big Bottle Company

The London Blitz are very excited to announce a new partnership with The Big Bottle Company.

The partnership will see The Big Bottle Company supply their signature bottle in Blitz navy to the London Blitz players, helping them stay hydrated both on and off the field.

A spokesperson from The Big Bottle Company said: “At The Big Bottle Co we are passionate about hydration, living well and your health. We want to support YOU on your individual journey and help you to easily achieve your daily water intake in a fun and sustainable manner. We believe that the better ones health, the better one can live life to the fullest.

“Like everyone who chooses the Big Bottle Co, the London Blitz are ready to embrace their health, the health of the planet and live life to the fullest. They are ready to embrace every moment and dream bigger with each new day. They Live BIG!”

Jamie Charles, London Blitz Head of Sponsorship, said: “We are very proud to have this fantastic partnership opportunity with The Big Bottle Company. They are a fantastic brand with a very innovative approach. We look forward to seeing our Blitz Family with The Big Bottle in everyday life.”

Jack Daley, London Blitz Club Chairman, commented: “Hydration is a vital part of match-day preparation, so we are delighted that our players will find it much easier to stay hydrated at home, at work, at the gym, when they’re out and about, and of course on the pitch. We believe that this partnership will lead to better performance, and more wins for the club.”

For more information on The Big Bottle Company, please visit their website or find them on Instagram and Facebook

#TPBF #LiveBig #OneDayOneBottle

[Header image courtesy of The Big Bottle Company]

London Blitz U19s vs. London Warriors U19s: Match Report

London Blitz U19s vs. London Warriors U19s: Match Report

Last Sunday, the London Blitz U19s side faced their South London rivals in their first game of the season. The game was held in great anticipation following the success of last year’s Championship-winning side, but with lots of fresh faces and the departure of many successful players, question marks remained if they could maintain last year's form. 

The defence was headed up by a strong Defensive Line, who piled on the pressure against a mobile Quarterback, resulting in 2 fumbles - both returned for touchdowns (although one was flagged for an early celebration), and also 2 INTs, with one being returned to the house by John Pablo. The DB team gave great coverage and, combined with constant pressure, gave the opposition QB few options, giving up just 90 yards off 19 attempts. This meant the opposition relied heavily on their run game, which proved a bit more successful, but still failed to score, rushing for just 56 yds. The defence allowed just 9 first downs.

On the other side of the ball, after struggling to adjust to an unbalanced 30 front on the first drive, the O-Line managed to start opening holes for the run game, yet it was on a pass play that saw Marco Livi throw a dime into the hands of Leonardo for the only offensive score of the game. 

It’s safe to say the opening game was a defensive slug match which showed a preview of what a promising Blitz defence could achieve this season, especially when supported by a strong punt team offering some great field position. Although points came slowly, the offense seems to be a few refinements away from producing similar numbers to last season. This Sunday the squad faces the Sussex Thunder away, with hopes of securing a 2-0 start to the season. 

Blitz reporter: Fergal McArdle

Season Preview with U19s Head Coach Jason Henry

Season Preview with U19s Head Coach Jason Henry

A team in the U19 competition can change an awful lot in the offseason, with players leaving for university, or graduating to senior teams. Blitz reporter Fergal McArdle chatted to U19s Head Coach Jason Henry about the recent squad changes, and his plans for the upcoming season:

“On average we lose around a third of our U19 squad every year. During the offseason we normally have to find around 4x as many new players to fill their shoes, because the reality is that Football is about dedication, and many new players just don’t have the passion to stick with it.

“This season we are fortunate to have a great core of returning players, some great players joining as rookies and a couple of great players joining us from other teams.”

Last season the Blitz U19s were crowned National Championships (Coach Henry's fifth championship trophy), losing only one game during the whole season - a mistake the team swiftly rectified in the semi-finals.

Many of those who are now no longer eligible to play in the U19 league have continued to play the sport at the senior level, and perhaps most notable of those is Aaron Mahoney-Jones, who is now representing Garden City Community College - one of the top teams in the NJCAA.

Coach Henry has worked with many successful players over the course of his career, with recent players including Kobi Champion and Domonyc Steer, who represented the Europe Warriors U19s with Aaron in Mexico. Coach H comments on what it means to him to see individual players develop:

“It should make anyone connected with Football in the UK proud when someone plays at the next level. Having the honour of coaching players that have played at every level, it always validates why I turn up every Sunday. We measure success not by winning, but trying our best to have a club and teams which learn, grow and turn up each Sunday to have fun.”

Coach Henry continued to emphasise the importance of young players enjoying the game with regards to his outlook on this season;

“Our objective for the season is always built around what players want, and also about their commitment. The coaches always look for the players to enjoy the sport, to meet new people, and to grow as a person and as a player. Each year our aim is to increase the number of players enjoying football, and that’s no different for the upcoming season.”

Coach H continues to make it clear to the team during training that it is up to them to set the tone, and to use the opportunities to take them as far as they want to go. If that means another National Championship, it's down to the players to train hard and to have great dedication to get themselves there.

Coach Henry has also taken on the role of Head Coach of the Great Britain U19 program, while still maintaining his incredible dedication to the Blitz. When asked about how he manages to juggle his two footballing roles, as well as his family, he responded:

“Running the youth and junior elements of the Blitz has taken up much of my free time for several years, and taking up the role of GB Head Coach was always going to be a challenge. The amazing support of my family, including my late mother who encouraged me to help others achieve their dreams, was all the motivation I needed. So, planning is key.”

Good luck for the upcoming season!



Blitz B's vs.Norwich Devils: Match Report

Blitz B's vs.Norwich Devils: Match Report

The London Blitz B's began the season with a solid 38 - 20 win over the Norwich Devils.

After scoring on the opening drive, the Blitz B's looked like the favourite, but they remained focused, knowing that Devils weren't going to give up without a fight. 

Blitz QB Timothée Liechti had a great afternoon, always staying calm in the pocket, and often keeping drives alive with surgical passing or by weaving through the Defense to rush for a first down. He finished the day with 4 TDs, finding WRs Jacob Howard, Junior Juneweather, Henry Charlton-Weedy and Simon Cruise in the end zone. 

QB Timothée Liechti sliding for a first down

QB Timothée Liechti sliding for a first down

The Blitz also demonstrated versatility with a strong running-game, with solid rushing performances from both Rayann Thor and Adokla Adesona, who finished with two TDs between them. 

C Matthew Rose celebrating his blocks

C Matthew Rose celebrating his blocks

However, the Devils were never far behind, able to exploit favourable match-ups and finding success with long balls down the sideline, resulting in two TDs of their own. A fumble on a Blitz kick-return resulted in another Devils TD, demonstrating the difference that Special Teams can make to a score-line. 

Commenting on the win, Blitz QB Timothée Liechti said: "Sunday's win was a perfect start to the season. Norwich came out fighting, and we were ready for them. Our O-Line was holding their blocks well, the WR helped drive the ball down the field, and the RBs had some strong carries. As an Offense, we have a lot to improve on and we'll keep working every day, but it's great to get that first W under our belt."

Team Captain and ILB Alex Igoh said: "It was a good solid win today against a decent Norwich Devils team who look as if they will be able to compete very well this season. I thought we looked particularly impressive on Offense where, for the majority of the game, we were unstoppable. Also, aside from the two splash plays I thought we were in control defensively. We know what we're trying to achieve this season and now that the 'first game jitters' are out of the way we will be looking to push on against an Essex Spartans team who we've become very familiar with."

DB Jack Morrisey with an INT

DB Jack Morrisey with an INT

Photography credits: Phillip Rocker and Jody Demay-Davies

Adrian Klemens: Legacy builder

Adrian Klemens: Legacy builder

It’s a journey that started with a bang! After a broken collarbone forced him to change career path, Adrian has spent the last 20 years forging a sporting legacy up in Finsbury Park. It’s a legacy built on teamwork and community both on and off the field, and his story is not about what he has achieved for himself, but about what he has done for others. This is what defines him as a generous and a selfless gentleman.

A long way from his native Australia, Adrian (otherwise known also as Coach K) is in his 20th year coaching the London Blitz American Football Club. He first joined as a coach of the adult squad, there being no youth program at the time, and after just one season was promoted to Head Coach at the age of just 23. He has since been instrumental in building the club into the national powerhouse it is today, taking the team to their first National Championship win in 2007.

Adrian then moved to the U19s program, where he continued to make waves, taking the team from winning just a handful of games a year, to a team that has now won five of the last seven National Championships.

2017 National Champions

2017 National Champions

Adrian has had an unparalleled impact on the London Blitz, and on the British American Football community, and the achievements of the London Blitz U19s are a testament to his hard work and dedication. However, while most might might stop for a breather at that point, Coach K was just getting started, and every season he has continued to add to his dynasty.

Off the field, Adrian’s work in the wider community centres around the Dynamic Sports Academy (DSA). Adrian founded the DSA in 2007 as a way to engage predominantly young people through multi-sport training. The goal is to get young people to make more positive and productive life choices, and to give focus to their lives. Demonstrating their success, 97% of DSA members go onto further/higher education, compared to a local average of just 35%. The DSA’s Total Athlete Development Program includes speed, strength, performance vision, sport psychology, and workshops on a range of topics including nutrition, sleep & injury prevention.



Furthermore, Adrian is helping young athletes in the community to reach new heights by helping them to secure places at US High Schools and Universities (ranging from Junior College to NCAA Division 1). He is helping others by giving them the tools to realize their dreams.

In addition to his roles at the London Blitz and Dynamic Sports Academy, he is also a trustee for the Finsbury Park Sports Partnership charity, of which he is a founding member. When Finsbury Park Stadium was due to be closed due to council cutbacks, Adrian and others from local clubs formed a charity and took a 35-year lease on the facility. This has allowed the facility to not only stay open for the local community, but they have also managed to raise over £1 million in funding, enabling them to renovate the gym, as well as having a new track and field installed.

Adrian’s incredible achievements were recognised on Thursday March 8th, where at Wembley Stadium he was selected from over 300 nominations to be awarded the Volunteer of the Year Award.

Winning the Volunteer of the Year award

Winning the Volunteer of the Year award

Adrian has high hopes and optimism for the future, stating that he hopes “receiving this award will bring the organisations I work with into the spotlight for the incredible work they do, and lead to further funding and connections with others who can help them achieve their goals”. However, Adrian is still not done, and he’s looking for “more funding, more volunteers and more connections” to grow these organisations to help “as many people as possible and have a positive impact on their lives”.

Adrian’s passion for the game of American Football and his hard work for the wider community exemplify his legacy. Anyone can see that he is a generous kind-hearted gentleman. He strives for the success of others, builds talent and helps others accomplish their dreams. He does all this with such humility, always praising the support he receives from his team at the London Blitz, Dynamic Sports Academy, Finsbury Park Sports Partnership, and most importantly from his wife, who takes the lead on raising their 3 children aged 2, 3 and 5.

Through all of the personal, professional and political hurdles that Adrian has has overcome to build his legacy, he has never backed down, choosing every time to face them head on. Has has cemented his place in the club’s history, earning the love and respect of the entire organisation - we will be forever grateful.

London Blitz 19+ Schedules Announced

London Blitz 19+ Schedules Announced

We're pleased to announce the official 2018 schedules for the London Blitz A and B teams. 

For those looking to get their full fix of Blitz football, three of the weekends are double-headers, with both A and B teams hosting opponents at our home ground in Finsbury Park: 20th May, 3rd June and 24th June.

Lock the dates in your diaries now!

2018 Blitz Schedule FINAL.jpg

Interview with Blitz A's HC, Damian Anderson

Interview with Blitz A's HC, Damian Anderson

Blitz reporter Raphael Uribe chats to London Blitz A's Head Coach, Damian Anderson, about all things football:

Why did you become a Football Coach? What makes being a football coach so appealing?

I got into coaching after playing the game for 12 odd years.  When I finally hung up my cleats, it was just the natural progression.  Football is a huge part of my life, so to walk away because I couldn't play just didn't feel right.  Since that time, I've grown to love the coaching side and what that brings working with players in the sport.

What makes London Blitz such a successful team at junior and senior level?

London Blitz has a great catchment area, and access to more players should mean more wins. However, if you look at the coaches, the admin and the players, you find a passionate bunch of people, all willing to do their job at the best of their abilities.  You get that kind of commitment, and it's hard not to produce good results.  Speaking as the A team Head Coach, we still have one more hurdle though.

What are your hopes and aspirations for the upcoming season?

I think everyone knows what we want this season... it's a National Championship.  The problem is, we're not the only ones after that.  So we need to focus on being successful at each practice until the season starts...then each game...and you can see where this is going.

How has American football changed in the UK since you became head coach at the London Blitz?

I think the biggest thing in coaching that's changed over the last decade is the education of the players.  We don't just teach the plays anymore, it's now about player safety, tackling techniques, training for your sport and the tactics of the game. Those are all positive changes, and that's why the players are now branching out into Europe and/or the US.

Quick-fire round: What is your favourite pastime outside of football?

Outside of football, I'm an easy-going guy. Give me a beer and let me just chill the hell out, watching the world walk by.

Favourite food?

Food wise - anything Mexican. Give it a little kick and a beer on the side.

Favourite music?

Music? No clue. I keep having to listen to some crazy stuff at our practices, and I don't have a damn clue what the hell these people are shouting about! Think next practice session I'm putting on some Otis Redding.

Favourite football team?

Favourite NFL team is the Steelers. I've followed them for 20 odd years. They've gone a little O oriented nowadays, but I'll let them off for that.

Favourite player?

Favourite player of all time is Casey Hampton - Former NT for the Steelers, 6-1 330lbs, just eats and hits... friggin' hilarious! (Nickname Big Snack).

Football player you look up to the most?

Can't say I look up to any player. Just because you're a football player doesn't make you a role model or some form of idol. I do respect a lot of guys for what they seem to do outside football and how people live their lives. I guess I'll go with Dick Lebeau....played the game, now coaches the game, but just holds himself like a man.  No BS about him.

Thanks Coach, best of luck for the upcoming season! #TPBF

Football at the next level: Team Europe vs. Mexico U19s

Football at the next level: Team Europe vs. Mexico U19s

We were very proud to have three members of Jason Henry’s U19 National Championship-winning team represent the Europe Warriors in Mexico against the Mexican U19 team in December. 

We interviewed Aaron Mahoney-Jones, Domonyc Steer and Kobi Champion about their experience, and about how they first got into American football.

Screenshot 2018-01-22 13.27.31.png

How did you first get into American football?

Domonyc: I was always a big kid who liked contact. I never really enjoyed soccer because they would always call fowl, and I found rugby boring, so my cousin started to train me in American football.

Kobi: I watched a YouTube video of college football and thought to myself: 'I could do that’

When did you start playing, and when did you start at the London Blitz?

Aaron: I started playing properly for the Blitz in 2014. I was actually thinking of joining the Warriors after seeing my uncles play, but a friend from school told me I should join the Blitz instead.

Domonyc: I started playing in 2014 at the Warriors, but in 2017 they didn’t have a full team, so I transferred to the Blitz.

Kobi: I started playing July 2015.

What was the selection process for the Europe Warriors?

Kobi: Bart Iaccarino, the athletic director of the Europe Warriors, messaged me on Europlayers asking me if I wanted to play for them.

Domonyc: Aaron told me that the team needed a player like me, so I enquired and they gave me the opportunity.

What were the preparation in the run up to the Mexico game?

Aaron: I’ve been preparing for two years for situations like this with likes of Germain, Dom, Mike, the rest of DSA, and the Blitz, so it was the same prep, and then 2-a-days and film when we hit Mexico.

Domonyc: We would train together outside of the scheduled training, working on routes and foot drills. Aaron and I would work each other to our limits to ensure we were totally ready.”

What were the most challenging parts of the experience?

Aaron: Not being able to speak Spanish.

Domonyc: Forming a team with people you don’t know in a week.

Kobi: Mentally preparing for the game.

What were your favourite parts?

Aaron: Being able to play 11-a-side for my first time, being on the starting line-up, and making new friends.

Domonyc: Playing and training one last time with my boys, and knowing that I was representing Jamaica and Britain.

Kobi: Meeting new people, making new friends, and playing in México

What will you take on with you from the experience?

Aaron: Understanding football from an 11-a-side perspective at a high level.

Domonyc:That this is just the beginning, and I can go a lot further than where I am right now.

Kobi: The new techniques our DB coach taught us, and an understanding of where football can take me in life.

The Final score in the game was 57-7 to Mexico. Whilst the final result was not what the team had hoped for, considering they had only met and trained together for the first time that week, they put in an incredible performance.  The experience itself will be something Aaron, Domonyc and Kobi will remember for a long time, and could well be the stepping stone to further experiences and success at an even higher level.

After his experience with Europe Warriors, a successful season with the London Blitz U19s, and training with DSA, Aaron will be joining Blitz alum Bamidele Olaseni at Garden City Community College in Kansas.  He has already flown out and is working hard to establish himself. Aaron also wanted to thank the DSA and the Hertfordshire Hurricanes for helping him prepare for the trip.

Kobi is currently rehabbing from an injury he sustained during the Mexico game. He plans to attend the ‘pro football hall of fame’ camp he was invited to, and then to take it from there.  It’s a really exciting opportunity for Kobi and we wish in all the best.

Domonyc’s plans for the year are to go to America, and he will be training with the London Blitz senior team during pre-season.

We will be following the guys in their quest to be part of the next group of successful Brits to make it in the US, and will be routing for them all the way!


Rookie sessions for Over 19's: Join the Blitz in 2018

Rookie sessions for Over 19's: Join the Blitz in 2018

All are welcome to come and try their hand at American Football with the London Blitz. Whether you are an experienced player or keen to play for the first time, come down to the session to become part of the club.

The sessions will take place at:

Market Road Pitches
Market Road, Islington
N7 9PL
United Kingdom

Please see the Facebook event below for more detail and the dates below:

January 21st 11:30-14:00.

January 28th 11:30-14:00.

Just come along with football boots, warm sports kit and water, everything else will be provided.

Visit for all the information you'll need.

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2 min survey - Win a £25 Amazon Gift Card

2 min survey - Win a £25 Amazon Gift Card

Got two minutes to spare and want to help us out?

As we prepare for the 2018 season, we want to know YOU think about the club, and what you want to see more of next season, so we've created a really short survey:

It only takes two minutes, and one person will be selected at random to win a £25 Amazon voucher.


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