LB Matt Eva signed to Potsdam Royals

In yet another recognition that the Blitz grows some of the top football talent in Europe, linebacker Matt Eva has been offered a contract at the Potsdam Royals for the '17 season. 

We're incredibly sorry to see him go, but we wish him all the best, and we can't wait to see him terrorising offenses over in Germany this season!



Final Pre-season Preparations

Training Camp 2017

Next weekend, the London Blitz will be heading to their annual training camp as they ramp up their preparations for the 2017 season, and their chase for BritBowl glory.

Chairman Henry Charlton-Weedy stated: “Training camp is one of the most important events in the Blitz calendar. Not only do we rack up hundreds of man hours on the pitch and in the classroom, but we we also get the chance to come together and gel as a team. The Blitz has a family atmosphere and it’s these types of events that help us keep that ethos going, whilst getting some quality football in."

Head Coach Damian Anderson said: “With a number of top players being offered contracts over in Europe, and a couple of high-impact players hanging up their boots last season, preparing the next bunch of players to fill those shoes is critical, and events like camp give us the best opportunity to do that – 2 days of pure football”.

The team is still recruiting so if you're interested in playing for the club, please visit our website.

Connect with us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for the latest updates.


London Blitz 2017 schedule confirmed

The new BAFANL season is almost here, and the London Blitz will be aiming for their 12th consecutive BritBowl final appearance. In a season that sees the Blitz return to Finsbury Park and a new opponent emerge in Premier South newcomers Bury Saints, there is absolutely everything to play for in the quest for BritBowl XXXI.

The B team also enter their third year of competition in the SFC 2 Championship, again in the SFC 2 East division. With the London Hornets and Cambridgeshire Cats moving up to Division One, Blitz B are joined in the East by the East Kent Mavericks, who move over from the SFC 2 South, and a brand new team in the East Essex Sabres.

Click here to view the fixtures for both the A and B teams.

Standout games:

Blitz A @ Bury Saints (7th May)

The Saints moved up to BAFA's top division after the London Olympians and South Wales Warriors were relegated at the end of last season. The Saints claimed last season's Division One title with an unbeaten 9-0-1 record. A new opponent presents new challenges, and the Saints will prove to be tough competition as reigning champions under head coach Christian Cantrill.

Blitz A vs London Warriors, Blitz B vs Essex Spartans (14th May)

The Blitz mark their return to Finsbury Park with the first of two home double-headers, and immediately face a tough test in a BritBowl XXX rematch with rivals London Warriors. The atmosphere will be tense as the Blitz aim to mark their homecoming with a win and avenge last year's championship game defeat.

Blitz B also host their first home opponent of the season in the form of the Essex Spartans, who struggled to a 2-8 record last season. The Spartans will be looking for a bounce-back campaign as Blitz B attempt to take an early lead in the SFC 2 East after the division's off-season shake-up.

Blitz A vs Bristol Aztecs, Blitz B vs Wembley Stallions (11th June)

The second home double-header of the season sees the Blitz host the Bristol Aztecs, who finished with a 5-4-1 record last season and will be looking to take the next step and challenge for the division. It will be the Blitz's second game against Bristol, which could be pivotal for the playoffs if the Aztecs have a fast start.

Blitz B will host the Wembley Stallions in their third consecutive home game. The Stallions made the playoffs last season with a 7-3 record and swept Blitz B 2-0. Wembley could be playoff contenders again, and it's vital that the B team gets a home win.

Blitz B vs East Kent Mavericks (9th July)

Blitz B's penultimate home game of the season sees them battle SFC 2 East newcomer East Kent Mavericks. The Mavericks finished an 8-2 campaign as the SFC 2 South's second seed last season and made the postseason. East Kent could be in the playoff race again, so Blitz B need to get the early upper hand in what could be a tightly contested division. 

Blitz B @ East Sussex Sabres (30th July)

The Sabres are one of six new teams joining BAFA this season and are led by head coach Lee Joseph as they join the SFC 2 East. The Sabres will be a wild card as the rest of the division figures them out. Even if East Essex struggle in their opening season, they could still affect the playoff race with some late upsets as they find their feet.

Blitz A @ London Warriors (6th August)

The third BritBowl XXX rematch is the Blitz's final regular season game and could decide playoff seedings in the division. The stakes will be high in an epic clash at Streatham-Croydon RFC that could eventually decide who lifts the BritBowl trophy this season.

Screenshot 2017-03-30 20.15.24.png

Two Blitz alumni headed for GFL

We're proud to announce that two Blitz alumni have been signed to represent top flight teams in the German Football League for the 2017 season.

DB Charlie Joseph, who has been signed by the Marburg Mercenaries, said: "I've played this game for 10 years now and the London Blitz has raised me and made me the player I am. I've played for them at 5 aside level, youth level and senior level and enjoyed playing with great players, coaches and friends at every level. This year I take on a new venture in Germany with the Marburg Mercenaries in the GFL and I look forward to playing and learning from more great players and coaches."

Photo of CJ courtesy of Cannon Photography

Photo of CJ courtesy of Cannon Photography

Jonell Pelie has been signed as OLB for the Allgäu Comets. Jonell also joined the Blitz as part of the club's junior programme, and was selected as the Blitz's 2016 Defensive MVP last season.

Club Chairman, Henry Charlton-Weedy, commented: "It's fantastic to see the talent and quality of our players recognised at the highest levels of American Football. This proves that with the right mindset and coaching, there is no limit to what can be achieved by young athletes in the UK."

Blitz Head Coach, Damian Anderson, said: "Obviously I'm sad to see them go, but I'm so proud to see players like Jonell and CJ reach their full potential, and I wish them all the best over in Germany. The silver lining is that this gives opportunities for our newer and younger players. I'd especially like to welcome LB Terrell Jordan and OL Matt Ganga Jnr, who have just graduated from our junior programme."

American Football in mainland Europe does not follow the same regulations around player incentivisation as the UK, allowing the teams to attract some of the best players from around the world. If you're interested to find out more about where American Football could take you, check out our friends over at The Podyum - connecting coaches and players with top football organisations.

Top 5 lessons from Super Bowl LI

In a game for the ages, the New England Patriots overcame a 25 point half-time deficit to win the  Super Bowl 34-28 in overtime against the Atlanta Falcons. Both quarterback Tom Brady and head coach Bill Belichick now have five Super Bowl rings each, the most of any quarterback or head coach, and have become all time greats at their respective positions.

Atlanta dominated the first 40 minutes of the game. Inspired running from Devonta Freeman gave them the first score of the game. After a strip fumble by linebacker Deion Jones, tight end Austin Hooper caught a touchdown pass from Matt Ryan. Cornerback Robert Alford then intercepted Brady, running 82 yards for a pick-six. Tevin Coleman added another touchdown just after the half, giving Atlanta a 28-3 lead midway through the third quarter. 

But then, somehow, the Patriots came alive. On the next five drives, New England would score four touchdowns and kick a field goal. Running back James White struck first with a short pass from Brady. Then came the field goal. On Atlanta's next drive, linebacker Dont'a Hightower strip-sacked Ryan, and the Patriots recovered the fumble. Danny Amendola's touchdown catch and White's two point conversion made it 28-20. The Falcons then made a critical error, opting not to run out the clock. Trey Flowers sacked Ryan to give Brady the ball back.

Julian Edelman then made a spectacular, gravity-defying catch off a tipped ball to keep New England alive. White scored another touchdown and Amendola scored the two point conversion. At 28-28, the Super Bowl went to overtime for the first time in NFL history. The Patriots won the toss, and Brady orchestrated a ruthless 91 yard drive, with White scoring the game-winning touchdown.


So what can we learn from arguably the greatest Super Bowl (if not NFL game) ever played? Here are five key takeaways:

1. Never count out your opponent

Even when up by several scores, never rest on your laurels. Football is an incredibly physical game, which makes it unpredictable. Chaos could break out on any play and turn the tide of the game. It only takes a well-coached team with some luck and big plays to make a comeback, as Atlanta found out the hard way.

2. Never give up in a game

If you are playing from multiple scores behind, don't let that affect you or your team-mates. Brady and the Patriots overcame the largest deficit in Super Bowl history and ironically won by their biggest margin ever in a Super Bowl. How? They stayed calm and adjusted to their opponent, focusing on exploiting Atlanta's weaknesses and playing to their own strengths. Stick to your philosophy, even when on the back foot.

3. Don't focus on bad plays

This happened several times in Sunday's epic clash. Early on, Falcons cornerback Robert Alford got beat on a Julian Edelman catch. The very next play, Alford recovered a fumble for the game's first turnover and would also score a pick-six. Brady bounced back from that interception by throwing for 466 yards, a Super Bowl record, and two touchdowns. Edelman struggled early on with costly drops, but hauled in this incredible catch with the game on the line. Never dwell on a bad play and keep your emotions in check as best you can.

4. Play situational football

In any big or close game, great play across all three phases can make the difference. Take the Patriots in the second half, for example. Say, from deep in New England's territory after a stalled drive, punter Ryan Allen pins Atlanta within their own ten yard line. The defense then either forces a three and out, gets a stop before midfield, or forces a turnover. Brady gets better field position than when New England punted, so it becomes a net gain. Belichick and the Patriots excel at situational football, and a team that works together through all three phases is tough to beat.

5. Adjust to your opponent and the game itself

Recognising how a game is flowing and adjusting to your opponent can spark or stave off a comeback. New England recognised that Atlanta's strength could also be its weakness. With the Falcons playing fast, their young defense was getting tired. The Patriots exploited that by utilising a no-huddle attack focusing on speedy running backs and quick catches over the middle. The adjustment sparked the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history.

What did you think of Super Bowl LI? Let us know in the comments!

New Coach Alert - Matt Rogers

It is with great pleasure that we introduce Coach Matt Rogers as the new London Blitz QB coach.

Coach Rogers has over 20 years in the game, starting out as a player and progressing through to the coaching ranks.

Coach Rogers' previous roles have seem him as a player on the 2000 National Champions University of Ottawa team, and more recently on the coaching staff at Vancouver Collage, Notre Dame Secondary School, and St Thomas More Collegiate.

Coach Rogers also coached at Reicher Catholic High School in Waco, where he worked under Mark Waggoner and John Ryan, Central Texas Coaching Staff of the Decade 2000-2010.

He has coached players who have gone on to play Division 1 football at schools including USC, Minnesota and Kansas, and many more.

Coach Rogers said: "It is an honour for me to join the Blitz. I'm excited to work with a core of committed players, as well as coaches who are passionate and knowledgable teachers of the game. I hope to spread the game of football and work with the players and coaches to build upon the Blitz's strong foundation, not only to become a championship team here in Britain but Europe."

Head Coach Damian Anderson, said: “Coach Rogers is a great pick up for the team. His philosophy and knowledge of the game will compliment what we do and only strengthen the offence”.

Chairman Henry Charlton-Weedy, added: “The 2017 season is off to a great start - We have added some fantastic talent to our coaching staff, and we also have a new international sponsor - DraftKings."

The London Blitz are back at training every Sunday and Wednesday - players of all experience welcome. Check out our Facebook page for details.

Super Bowl LI: View from the fans

The Super Bowl is always the biggest game of the year for NFL fans, and is essentially an unofficial holiday in America. Here in the UK, the Super Bowl doesn't enjoy quite as much attention, but still has a huge following. With Super Bowl LI between the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons kicking off on Sunday, several Blitz players will cheer for their teams as they take to the stage. So what are their thoughts ahead of the big game?

Every NFL fan dreams of their team reaching and then winning the Super Bowl. So how did our Blitz fans feel? Daniel Gilson, a running back for the Blitz, was “A little relieved strangely.” Daniel is a Patriots fan, and he pondered New England's season: “The AFC has been poor this year and anything less than winning the conference would have been a disaster. We might not have too many chances left with (Tom) Brady and after DeflateGate I think every fan is dreaming of watching Commissioner Roger Goodell hand the trophy to Brady.”

Jasper van Dooren, a receiver with the A team, is also a Patriots fan. “People were sceptical at the beginning of the season with Brady missing four games, and it's amazing to see Brady and the Patriots reach the final stage once again. I like the heat the franchise is getting, people are just jealous.”

For defensive back Alexander Yeleseyev, seeing the Falcons reach Super Bowl LI was special. “Being a Falcons fan, I am extremely happy that we finally made our way to the Super Bowl. Matt Ryan and most Falcons players deserve to win the championship this year. However, the Patriots are a strong team too, setting franchise and league records regarding playoffs and Super Bowl appearances.”

Like their teams, our players' journey to Super Bowl LI didn't begin this season. The journey began from the moment they first declared their support. “I started watching American football in 2011. I had no idea who to choose.” says Daniel. “Honestly I chose the Patriots because they have England in the name and they were a good team when I started watching . It's always easier to invest in a team if they are winning and play good football.”

For Alexander, the reverse is true. “It's always nice to be a fan of the team that hasn't got as many achievements, because you'll always care and support your team. I started watching NFL back when I was in high school in 2012. I have always been an Atlanta sports fan, so it was an easy decision.”

Jasper's support for the Patriots runs deep, and dates back to the start of New England's incredible run of success. “The first game I ever watched was Super Bowl XXXVI between the Rams and the Patriots.  It's hard to believe now, but the Patriots were the underdog for that game. I didn't know much about the game or the teams, so decided to root for the dark horse. After an upset 20-17 victory I've supported them ever since.”

Every team has both great moments and massive mistakes in the eyes of their fans. And on the biggest stage in sports, success and failure are multiplied. So what do our fans think is the key for their teams to hoist the Lombardi Trophy?

“The Falcons offense, especially Matt Ryan and Julio Jones; one of the most dynamic QB/WR duos in the league.” says Alexander. “Also, can't forget about Vic Beasley, who has been outstanding this season.”

Both Daniel and Jasper believe the key for the Patriots will be defense. “The secondary.” Daniel says. “Trying to keep Julio Jones quiet and forcing Atlanta to run the ball will be key as our run defense has been outstanding this year.” A tough task, but Jasper agrees. “If the Patriots' defense can slow down the passing game with double coverage on Jones, then we'll be in a good spot since our run defense has been superb this season.”

The Super Bowl means so much to American football fans. But for Daniel, Jasper, and Alexander, Super Bowl LI will mean just that much more.

Come enjoy the big game and join London Blitz for our Super Bowl LI party at Club Aquarium! Doors open at 7pm and the party continues until 4am! We have cheerleaders, beer pong, jacuzzi's and all kinds of American food and themed competitions! So come and watch the Super Bowl with the Blitz! Visit the link below to book your tickets.

Road to Super Bowl 51: Atlanta Falcons

Edd Hodsdon recounts how the Atlanta Falcons reached their second Super Bowl berth

Two years ago, Atlanta fired head coach Mike Smith and replaced him with former Seattle defensive coordinator Dan Quinn. The hope was that Quinn could turn one of the league's worst defenses around and create a dynamic young team. Quinn brought in Kyle Shanahan as his offensive coordinator. The man who had turned a Cleveland unit into a respectable team would now work with Matt Ryan and Julio Jones.

Two years later, Quinn and Shanahan have delivered, leading the Falcons to their second Super Bowl berth in franchise history.

In 2015, the Falcons started 5-0 before imploding, finishing 8-8 and missing the playoffs for the third straight year. A promising start, but Quinn knew they could do better. So earlier this year Quinn spent his top two draft picks on defense, while Shanahan and Matt Ryan continued to work on their system. Big free agent signings like center Alex Mack and receiver Mohammad Sanu brought experience and talent.

This season, the Falcons opened with a 31-24 loss against Tampa Bay, but won their next four games. They beat preseason darlings Oakland, reigning NFC champions Carolina and defending Super Bowl champions Denver before dropping their next two games against Seattle and San Diego by a combined total of five points. But the Falcons rebounded to win nine of their final 11 games. Atlanta finished with an 11-5 record, winning their fourth NFC South title and capturing the NFC's second seed with home-field advantage and a first round bye for the playoffs.

Atlanta's offense was the highest scoring unit in the league, averaging 33.8 points per game and being led by MVP favourite Matt Ryan, who enjoyed the best year of his career while star receiver Julio Jones narrowly missed out on a second consecutive receiving title. Quinn's defense played fast and hard, with second year stud Vic Beasley leading the NFL with 15.5 sacks and six forced fumbles. With a high-powered offense with a multitude of weapons leading the way, Atlanta soared into the playoffs.

In the NFC Divisional round, Atlanta faced the Seattle Seahawks, Quinn's former team. With the league's best offense taking on the legendary Legion of Boom, the Georgia Dome was set for an epic clash. But the Falcons dominated, exploiting the absence of Seahawks safety Earl Thomas and a weak Seattle offensive line. Ryan's passer rating against the Legion of Boom? 125.7. Atlanta's defense intercepted Russell Wilson twice and sacked him three times in a 36-20 win, sending the Falcons to their first NFC title game since 2012.

Atlanta's opponent for a place in the Super Bowl would be the red-hot Green Bay Packers, who rode an eight game winning streak into the Georgia Dome. But Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers ran out of miracles as Atlanta dominated the game. Julio Jones had an unbelievable 180 yards and two touchdowns from nine catches. Quinn's defense smothered the Packers, who didn't score until the third quarter when Atlanta had a 31-0 lead. After a 44-21 win, the Falcons were headed to the Super Bowl, sending the Georgia Dome off in style.

Come enjoy the big game and join London Blitz for our Super Bowl LI party at Club Aquarium! Doors open at 7pm and the party continues until 4am! We have cheerleaders, beer pong, jacuzzi's and all kinds of American food and themed competitions! So come and watch the Super Bowl with the Blitz! Visit the link below to book your tickets.

Road to Super Bowl 51: New England Patriots

Edd Hodsdon recaps how the Patriots made it to their record ninth Super Bowl appearance

Even with star quarterback Tom Brady suspended for the first four games of the season as a result of the DeflateGate scandal, the Patriots were still one of the top contenders in the AFC. Many experts thought if they could go 2-2 without Brady, they would be in good shape.

Instead, they went 3-1, upsetting Arizona in the season opener.

Brady's return against the hapless Browns started a four game win streak for the Patriots. Despite losing 31-24 at home to Seattle coming off their bye week, the Patriots would not lose again, avenging last year's AFC Championship game loss to Denver with a 16-3 win in Week 15. Brady posted another vintage campaign at 39, throwing 28 touchdowns to just two interceptions while averaging 296.2 yards per game. Even losing once-in-a-generation tight end Rob Gronkowski to injury in Week 12 could not slow the Patriots down as they won their 8th consecutive AFC East title, finishing 14-2 and clinching a 7th consecutive first round playoff bye.

But it's not just Brady and the offense who have led the way, as Bill Belichick's defense has been a key component. The Patriots are the league's stingiest defense, allowing an average of only 15.6 points per game. New England's defensive success this season is remarkable because Belichick has adjusted his roster on the fly.

The Patriots jettisoned arguably their best pass rusher in Chandler Jones in a trade with Arizona before the 2016 season. Then, they sent a conditional 4th round pick to Philadelphia for cornerback Eric Rowe, who was fifth on the Eagles' depth chart. After swapping low round picks with Detroit for linebacker Kyle Van Noy, Belichick stunned the football world by trading Pro Bowl linebacker Jamie Collins to Cleveland for a compensatory 3rd round pick. Add wide receivers Chris Hogan and Michael Floyd and tight end Martellus Bennett, who struggled for Buffalo, Arizona, and Chicago respectively, Belichick has built yet another championship team by turning trash from other teams into treasure.

In the Divisional round, the Patriots faced the Houston Texans. Both teams made mistakes in a messy game, but the Patriots prevailed thanks to the defense intercepting Brock Osweiler three times and adding three sacks. Brady battled Houston's formidable pass rush to deliver a 34-16 win, setting up an AFC title game clash with old rivals Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh arrived in Foxborough on the back of a nine game winning streak and two huge playoff performances by running back Le'Veon Bell. But after Bell aggravated a groin injury on the second play of the game, the Steelers' offense collapsed. Brady dominated Pittsburgh's young zone defense with a relentless no-huddle approach, throwing for three touchdowns and 384 yards in a 36-17 beat-down. The Patriots were headed to Super Bowl 51, a record-breaking ninth appearance in the Super Bowl and the seventh appearance of the Brady-Belichick era. 

Come enjoy the big game and join London Blitz for our Super Bowl LI party at Club Aquarium! Doors open at 7pm and the party continues until 4am! We have cheerleaders, beer pong, jacuzzi's and all kinds of American food and themed competitions! So come and watch the Super Bowl with the Blitz! Visit the link below to book your tickets.

Super Bowl LI preview

After over four months of great gridiron action, the 2016/2017 NFL season comes down to just two teams as the AFC's New England Patriots and the NFC's Atlanta Falcons prepare for an epic clash in Houston for Super Bowl LI. So who will win?

Both teams produced dominant displays of both sides of the ball in their respective conference title games. Atlanta, the league's top scoring offense, shredded the Green Bay Packers 44-21, while the Patriots and their number one scoring defense suffocated the Pittsburgh Steelers en route to a 36-17 win.

The offense is the key strength of both teams, each commanded by superstar quarterbacks in Tom Brady and Matt Ryan. Both defenses have excelled under the radar this season, guided by two defensive masterminds in head coaches Bill Belichick and Dan Quinn. So how do we seperate two very similar teams to find a winner? Let's look at the three keys to the game.

1) Pass defense

Both Brady and Ryan exploited weak zone defenses in their conference tilts, so expect both defenses to play man coverage for much of the game. For the Patriots, they must account for all of Atlanta's weapons. Expect the Patriots to rush four or five, covering the run and generating some pressure on Ryan, while having six or seven defensive backs dropping back into coverage, with double coverage (at least) on Julio Jones.

For the Falcons, they must rush Brady and attempt to catch him off guard, negating his quick release and taking away the short underneath and crossing throws that are New England's bread and butter. With Vic Beasley leading the league in sacks this season, this will be key for Atlanta.

2) The run game

Atlanta's backfield tandem of Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman is one of the strengths of the team, taking pressure off Ryan so that he doesn't need to try and carry the offense by himself.

Both are excellent receivers out of the backfield and should be Ryan's safety valves against Belichick's defensive scheme.

For the Patriots, expect to see a larger role for LeGarrette Blount against Atlanta's young defense. The Falcons play fast with their young players, so using a bruising back like Blount should wear them down with sheer physicality, opening up the passing game for Brady

3) Clock management

Atlanta's offense is a powerhouse, and they can score quickly. The key for New England will be to keep Ryan and Co. off the field as much as possible. That means sustaining long drives with quick throws and clock-chewing runs. This would also keep the defense well rested, giving them a better chance of stopping Atlanta's offense whilst also tiring out the Falcons' young defense, as the Patriots did against the Steelers in the AFC title game.

The Falcons must force a lot of three and outs to preserve the clock so that Ryan and his offense have plenty of opportunities to build a commanding lead. The Falcons haven't played well from behind this season.

As we draw closer to a prediction, let's look at some interesting stats that could turn the tide in Houston;

- Tom Brady has never lost to the Falcons in his 17 year career (4-0)

- Offenses that lead the league in scoring are 1-5 in Super Bowls since 2000

- In six Super Bowls played between the top scoring offense and the top scoring defense, the defense is 5-1


So who will win Super Bowl LI? It's a mouthwatering match-up, but to me the Patriots have a slight edge. Belichick and the defense will no doubt have a scheme ready to stop Atlanta's offense. And when the Patriots played Seattle in Super Bowl XLIX a few years ago, whose defense did Tom Brady pick apart to win? Dan Quinn's.

Come enjoy the big game and join London Blitz for our Super Bowl LI party at Club Aquarium! Doors open at 7pm and the party continues until 4am! We have cheerleaders, beer pong, jacuzzis and all kinds of American food and themed competitions! So come and watch the Super Bowl with the Blitz! Visit the link below to book your tickets.


Join the London Blitz in 2017

Join the London Blitz in 2017

After a long break, made all the longer by defeat in the national championship final, the London Blitz get back to work in January with the strong desire to return to the top of the British game once more.

Since falling to the London Warriors 35-16 in Britbowl XXX, the club have been working tirelessly to develop their opportunities and enter the season with the best possible chance of success. The B team will also look to build on the foundations laid last year and hope to challenge the top of the division this coming season.

Following on from the sponsorship deal announced with Draft Kings, the team have set about investing in their teams. In addition to this, the club has garnered a good amount of interest from prospective coaches and players who will all be essential in winning at both A and B team levels.


Get Involved in 2017

Before the season gets underway fully, the Blitz will be hosting two sessions for all new players. Whether you have played before, everyone will be welcome to our introductory sessions on the 15th and 22nd January at Market Road, N7 9PL from 13:30 to 16:00. Please click on the links for all the information you need.

Session 1 - 15/1

Session 2 - 22/1

The team will rejoin in full on the 29th January.

Equally, the team is continuing to look for non-playing and coaching help. If you want to get involved, we would love to hear from you. Please see our earlier news post for more information on how you can become part of the team.

If you have any questions, please email


The London Blitz Announce Draft Kings Partnership

The London Blitz Announce Draft Kings Partnership


The London Blitz are pleased to announce the team's partnership with Draft Kings on a multi year sponsorship deal. In a pioneering partnership, Draft Kings will be the primary sponsor of the elite senior team for the next three years. As part of the partnership, Draft Kings are committed to developing interest in the sport and will provide valuable practice resources for the club.


Chairman Henry Charlton-Weedy commented: 'Anyone who enjoys American football in this country and watches it on TV will be familiar with the Draft Kings brand and how integrated it is to the sport in the UK. To partner with such a well known enterprise helps bring a truly valid sponsor to the British game and opens up a number of avenues for the club. We are proud to be part of such a partnership and look forward to all the possibilities that it will bring for our team and the game in this country'.


Draft Kings allows users to enter daily and weekly fantasy sports-related contests and win money based on individual player and team performances in five major American sports (MLB, the NHL, the NFL, the NBA and the PGA), Premier League and UEFA Champions League soccer, NASCAR auto racing, Canadian Football League, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), as well as American college football and college basketball.


To play with the London Blitz, click here to sign up. Then join the London Blitz league here and set your lineup to compete against the Blitz players.

Championship Jersey Sale

The Jerseys that saw the London Blitz achieve their greatest achievements to date, including the EFAF championships in 2011 are being put out to pasture. Last used by the London Blitz B team in 2016, the jerseys have come to the end of their service. This is a chance for the Blitz alumni, family and friends to keep a piece of the history they made.

The Jerseys are all available to buy at £25 a piece including shipping. Funds from the proceeds will be put towards the upcoming season.

Please click here to fill out the booking form.

Jersey's will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Once you have received email confirmation for your chosen jersey, please make a payment of £25 to the London Blitz bank account to finalise the booking:

Sort Code: 30-94-66 Account Number: 00114095

The jerseys will be mailed out to everyone in January.

We can’t guarantee the state of each one, but if you’re lucky it might just smell like the good old days…

Celebrating the victory over the Kragujevac Wild Boars in the 2011 EFAF European Championships

Celebrating the victory over the Kragujevac Wild Boars in the 2011 EFAF European Championships

London Blitz - Team Photo 2015

London Blitz - Team Photo 2015

Coaching staff wanted

Want to get involved in American Football?

As the club prepares for the 2017 campaign, The London Blitz has a number of coaching vacancies.

The London Blitz is one of the most experienced, successful and respected clubs in Britain. The 2016 season was no different, with another successive Britbowl appearance, as well as several players earning international caps.

In order to surpass this season's achievements, we will need dedicated individuals to join the club to help coach and improve our teams.

This is a unique opportunity to work with some of UK's most talented players. In particular, with our B Team entering its third ever season, incoming coaches will have the chance to make a dramatic difference to a title-worthy team.

Whether your experience rivals Bill Belichick, or you're a complete beginner looking to get your coaching career off the ground, we want to hear from you. For more information, please visit our Join Us page or contact

Current Coaching Vacancies

A TeamQuarterbacks
Defensive Backs
B TeamOffensive Positional Coach
Defensive Positional Coach
Special Teams Coach
Offensive Assistant
Defensive Assistant
Under 19sOffensive Coordinator
Positional Coach
U12 FlagHead Coach

29 Blitz players selected for Team GB

The GB Lions have confirmed their squad of 75 players for the upcoming men's fixture against Russia on Friday 16th September.

This year we are very proud to announce that 29 members of the 75-strong team are London Blitz players, and at least 2 are Blitz alumni, making the Blitz by far the most represented club in the squad. This is a testament to the talent and dedication of our players, and to the outstanding quality of our coaches.

We are also incredibly pleased to see that 8 of the squad came through the Blitz U19 programme, proving that it's never too early to get started in American Football.

View the full list of 75 players here.

Speaking about the team, GB Lions Men's head coach Mike Callen said: "While I was impressed by the quality of all players who attended trials for the squad, these are the 75 players who I believe give us the best chance of beating Russia, and hopefully either the Netherlands or Czech Republic beyond that."

Blitz players off to college!

We are proud to announce that four players from the across the club have been selected to represent high school and college programmes in the USA.

This is an incredible achievement from all those involved and shows a fantastic level of coaching throughout the London Blitz programmes, as well as the amazing expertise of those at the Dynamic Sports Academy, where each of the four worked tirelessly to develop their skills. The DSA found placements for these players through their IRP programme.

This shows that with the right work ethic, top quality coaching from the Blitz, and the athleticism developed at the DSA, you can go far in American Football.

Michael Akinlade (below) is taking his skills to the Northern Michigan University Wildcats, a Division II school in the USA. When Mike first joined the Blitz, it was with the U16 team, and since then he has progressed into the U19, and then senior squads. He has also been with the DSA for 5 years, where he was clocked running a 4.3 40 yd. dash.


Benji Power, Rory Jones and Moraf Montanary are all off to play high school ball this Autumn.
Benji (below) has been with the Blitz for a couple of seasons, predominantly playing OL, but he had his heart set on LB, and he worked extremely hard and will be lining up on defence for his new team.

Rory (below) has been with the programme for two season playing as WR, and he will be staying in this position and returning kicks stateside.

Moraf (below) has just finished his first season with the Blitz U19 team, his first playing the sport. He will have lots to learn in the US, but we know they will mould this super athlete into a super footballer.

Congratulations to the players, the coaches, and the Dynamic Sports Academy who helped them get where they are.

They'll always be part of the Blitz family.


Blitz advance to Britbowl final

With a 12 - 40 away win over the Tamworth Phoenix, the London Blitz advance to the Britbowl final for the 11th consecutive season.

For the 6th consecutive season, they will face familiar rivals the London Warriors, who beat the Merseyside Nighthawks 58 - 7 in their semi-final match.

Ipswich Cardinals vs. London Blitz B - Match Report

The Blitz B team finished off their second season with an encouraging win over the Ipswich Cardinals at Northgate Sports Centre in Ipswich.

Coming off the back of a loss to Cambridge, which was a much closer affair than the final score would suggest, the game against the Cardinals was a litmus test for the Blitz for a number of reasons.

A win would see the Blitz equal their win total of the previous season (4 - 6) - arguably a greater feat this time round given the additional obstacles a nomadic team has to overcome – ranging from the foreseeable logistical headaches, to having to forfeit a game due to an unforeseeable issue at their temporary home field.

A convincing win would give some credence to the Blitz’s belief that they could be contenders for the division title next season.

A loss, however, would make the Blitz the only team to have lost to the Cardinals since July 2015, knocking the credibility of a team that proudly wears the Blitz name on their jerseys.

The Blitz won the toss and began the game like a team with all the answers. Two touchdowns in the first quarter behind the running of Francis Stewart and the arm of quarterback Chris Walker quietened the home crowd. The Blitz added a third touchdown early in the second quarter. However, a blown assignment and missed tackle allowed a Cardinals running back to dart into the end zone and put Ipswich on the board.

The second half followed much the same pattern with the Blitz dominating, but only able to convert that into two touchdowns, and Ipswich scoring on a long TD grab following a defensive lapse. The game ended 34-13, a convincing win to round off a solid season.

The off-season will provide the team with the opportunity to reflect on their recent performances, and to dedicate themselves to improving both mentally and physically for 2017. The team has shown flashes of brilliance on both sides of the ball this season, and with a little more effort and dedication, the talent and potential is certainly there for a division-winning team.

The goal between now and the start of the next season is simple – return, recruit, commit and conquer! #TPBF

Blitz A. clinch play-off berth

It is with regret that we announce that this weekend's game against the London Olympians has been cancelled, as injuries have forced the Olympians to forfeit. 

The silver lining is that, with only one regular season game remaining (at home against the London Warriors on 7th August), the London Blitz A. has secured a play-off berth for its 12th consecutive season!

It's been a tough-fought campaign, with the quality of American Football growing to new levels outside of London. We aren't taking anything for granted, and we're tremendously proud of the entire club for their achievements so far. However, our focus remains the same: to bring home the Britbowl title - and we're now one step closer!

Photo: Collaboration between Jo Bird Illustration and James Cannon. See the rest of the collection here.