Today we caught up with Blitz Senior Team Head Coach Damian Anderson to get his views on the London Blitz training camp.

What impact do you think training camp will have on the 2016 season?

I feel this was a strong camp, I can't measure in wins or losses but just over the course of the weekend we got faster and cleaner in the plays, so it will make us a tougher opponent.

What aspect of your game did you improve the most during camp?

As a coach watching/coaching the players, you see them get faster in playbook to field reps. The trust in each other is also a standout. As a coach at camp, the film we get is the big plus for us. I's the following week watching that film where we then get to find out more about our team...and what they can do.

What was your favourite part of the weekend?

Sunday morning...on the field at the crack of dawn with 90 odd players ready to roll. By Sunday, guys are hitting their routines and you're not explaining basics/routines/admin. You're just focusing on football with a team that wants to get better.

Did you pack any ‘luxury’ items when preparing for camp?

Jaffa Cakes and Lollies. The sugar rush helps through camp.

What’s the one thing you would advise a rookie ahead of the 2017 camp to prepare them?

Rookies and all players need to understand 2/3 a day practices take their toll. Get to practice leading up to it, so you hit camp already in some football shape. The amount of niggles we get a camp that are just due to not being conditioned is crazy. A more specific camp bit of advice...? Bring cool bags, extra socks, and get your rookie dance routine sorted.