The London Blitz B came from behind to beat the Ipswich Cardinals in a must-win game last weekend. 

The Blitz B had come off a three-game losing streak, and needed a win in order to get their season back on track. The Ipswich Cardinals were equally desperate to come out on top, having failed to secure a win in the 2016 season.

The game got off to a terrible start for the Blitz B - the Cardinals ran a starburst kick return on kick-off and, on a much wider than usual field, returned it for 6. The width of the field worked in both offence's favour - both sides trading blows until half time, at which point the Cardinals led 20 - 13.

At half time, DC Matt Osborne installed a new audible to counter the Cardinals’ key run play; a Tight End with Trips Bunch on the weak side.  The audible proved successful, and while the Cardinals struggled for yards, the Blitz B scored three times to lead 32 - 20. Blitz running backs Kaylind Grant (pictured below) and Francis Stewart both put in solid performances, and QB Chris Walker kept several drives alive by scrambling for first down. The Cardinals managed to pull one back late in the game to bring the score to 32 - 27, setting up a tense final 2 minutes.

The Cardinals attempted an on-side kick, but it was recovered well by the Blitz, who then needed a first down to kneel out the game. However, they couldn’t manage it and were forced to punt. Just when it seemed like the Cardinals might have one last throw of the dice, Long-Snapper and DL recovered the Blitz punt, and the referee blew the final whistle.

The London Blitz B are now 2 - 3 for the season, and face their unbeaten rivals, the London Hornets away on 19th June.