The London Blitz A dominate on both sides of the ball with a shut-out win against the South Wales Warriors

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THAT a missed field goal attempt was the closest the South Wales Warriors came to scoring underlined the London Blitz's defensive dominance.

The Blitz showed offensive efficiency from the game's opening possession with QB Josh Adamson making two long runs on an impressive drive that moved the Blitz from deep in their own half to the South Wales three yard line. From there rookie RB Remmy Ezeabasili, a graduate of the Blitz's junior programme on his senior debut, sprinted over to open the scoring.

The Warriors could only move the ball thanks to a roughing the passer and facemask penalties against the Blitz which put kicker Josh Hurford in position to attempt a 36 yard FG, which was blocked by the on-rushing Blitz.

In the second quarter the Blitz converted a fourth down attempt to keep another promising drive alive which finished with Adamson finding WR Sam Rogers, on a slant route, with a 10 yard TD pass.

When DB Luke Prendergast recovered a Shaun Vaughan fumble just 16 yards from the Warriors goal line the Blitz were in prime position to score again, which they did via a 12 yard Adamson run.

The Warriors then came out in their wildcat formation with direct snaps to RBs Vaughan and Joshua Hughes to register their first first down from scrimmage without the aid of the officials. Hughes' hard running saw the Warriors convert a fourth down.

When the Warriors moved the ball to the Blitz 17 yard line they again called on Hurford. But his 33 yard FG attempt sailed wide left and with it his side's best chance of registering on the scoreboard.

The highlight for the Warriors came inside the two minute warning when Adamson was sacked and the Blitz were forced to punt on fourth and long. The long snap was caught in the strong wind and Sam Stokes recovered the loose ball. On the ensuing possession QB Dean Jackson found WR Matthew Tynan. But his impressive juggling catch would count for nothing as the half time whistle blew before the Warriors could seriously threaten the 21 point deficit.

Adamson wasted no time to start the second half scoring. The mobile QB was forced out of his pocket, and despite a lineman grabbing at his ankle, he continued to roll to his right and fire a 20 yard TD pass to Rogers.

Another Warriors turn-over at their own 21 yard line would prove costly when Adamson came straight back out and on the first play threw a text book over the shoulder pass down the right sideline to WR Michael Aboujaoude to hit pay dirt.

While the Warriors had failed to take advantage of a Blitz poor snap in the second quarter the Blitz were ruthless after punter Nate Webb had to fall on a wayward snap at his own 10 yard line.

Though Adamson was sacked for a 10 yard loss and the Warriors secondary batted away a dangerous pass on 2nd and 20 the Blitz scored their sixth TD of the afternoon on a 3rd and 20. A simple screen pass set free WR Ronel Thomas, who'd barely moved from the line of scrimmage, before running through a weak tackle to score from 20 yards.

With a running game clock the Blitz only scored one more TD when Adamson sprinted in from five yards, following a Prendergast interception, in the fourth quarter. Another poor snap meant kicker Luke Naughton was unable to attempt what could have been a seventh successive extra point. Instead holder Adamson attempted to run in for two but was stopped short by the Warriors.

Final score: South Wales Warriors 0 - 48 London Blitz A

Image copyright: Rob Dummer 2016