We are proud to announce that four players from the across the club have been selected to represent high school and college programmes in the USA.

This is an incredible achievement from all those involved and shows a fantastic level of coaching throughout the London Blitz programmes, as well as the amazing expertise of those at the Dynamic Sports Academy, where each of the four worked tirelessly to develop their skills. The DSA found placements for these players through their IRP programme.

This shows that with the right work ethic, top quality coaching from the Blitz, and the athleticism developed at the DSA, you can go far in American Football.

Michael Akinlade (below) is taking his skills to the Northern Michigan University Wildcats, a Division II school in the USA. When Mike first joined the Blitz, it was with the U16 team, and since then he has progressed into the U19, and then senior squads. He has also been with the DSA for 5 years, where he was clocked running a 4.3 40 yd. dash.


Benji Power, Rory Jones and Moraf Montanary are all off to play high school ball this Autumn.
Benji (below) has been with the Blitz for a couple of seasons, predominantly playing OL, but he had his heart set on LB, and he worked extremely hard and will be lining up on defence for his new team.

Rory (below) has been with the programme for two season playing as WR, and he will be staying in this position and returning kicks stateside.

Moraf (below) has just finished his first season with the Blitz U19 team, his first playing the sport. He will have lots to learn in the US, but we know they will mould this super athlete into a super footballer.

Congratulations to the players, the coaches, and the Dynamic Sports Academy who helped them get where they are.

They'll always be part of the Blitz family.