We're proud to announce that two Blitz alumni have been signed to represent top flight teams in the German Football League for the 2017 season.

DB Charlie Joseph, who has been signed by the Marburg Mercenaries, said: "I've played this game for 10 years now and the London Blitz has raised me and made me the player I am. I've played for them at 5 aside level, youth level and senior level and enjoyed playing with great players, coaches and friends at every level. This year I take on a new venture in Germany with the Marburg Mercenaries in the GFL and I look forward to playing and learning from more great players and coaches."

Photo of CJ courtesy of  Cannon Photography

Photo of CJ courtesy of Cannon Photography

Jonell Pelie has been signed as OLB for the Allgäu Comets. Jonell also joined the Blitz as part of the club's junior programme, and was selected as the Blitz's 2016 Defensive MVP last season.

Club Chairman, Henry Charlton-Weedy, commented: "It's fantastic to see the talent and quality of our players recognised at the highest levels of American Football. This proves that with the right mindset and coaching, there is no limit to what can be achieved by young athletes in the UK."

Blitz Head Coach, Damian Anderson, said: "Obviously I'm sad to see them go, but I'm so proud to see players like Jonell and CJ reach their full potential, and I wish them all the best over in Germany. The silver lining is that this gives opportunities for our newer and younger players. I'd especially like to welcome LB Terrell Jordan and OL Matt Ganga Jnr, who have just graduated from our junior programme."

American Football in mainland Europe does not follow the same regulations around player incentivisation as the UK, allowing the teams to attract some of the best players from around the world. If you're interested to find out more about where American Football could take you, check out our friends over at The Podyum - connecting coaches and players with top football organisations.