Blitz reporter Raphael Uribe chats to London Blitz A's Head Coach, Damian Anderson, about all things football:

Why did you become a Football Coach? What makes being a football coach so appealing?

I got into coaching after playing the game for 12 odd years.  When I finally hung up my cleats, it was just the natural progression.  Football is a huge part of my life, so to walk away because I couldn't play just didn't feel right.  Since that time, I've grown to love the coaching side and what that brings working with players in the sport.

What makes London Blitz such a successful team at junior and senior level?

London Blitz has a great catchment area, and access to more players should mean more wins. However, if you look at the coaches, the admin and the players, you find a passionate bunch of people, all willing to do their job at the best of their abilities.  You get that kind of commitment, and it's hard not to produce good results.  Speaking as the A team Head Coach, we still have one more hurdle though.

What are your hopes and aspirations for the upcoming season?

I think everyone knows what we want this season... it's a National Championship.  The problem is, we're not the only ones after that.  So we need to focus on being successful at each practice until the season starts...then each game...and you can see where this is going.

How has American football changed in the UK since you became head coach at the London Blitz?

I think the biggest thing in coaching that's changed over the last decade is the education of the players.  We don't just teach the plays anymore, it's now about player safety, tackling techniques, training for your sport and the tactics of the game. Those are all positive changes, and that's why the players are now branching out into Europe and/or the US.

Quick-fire round: What is your favourite pastime outside of football?

Outside of football, I'm an easy-going guy. Give me a beer and let me just chill the hell out, watching the world walk by.

Favourite food?

Food wise - anything Mexican. Give it a little kick and a beer on the side.

Favourite music?

Music? No clue. I keep having to listen to some crazy stuff at our practices, and I don't have a damn clue what the hell these people are shouting about! Think next practice session I'm putting on some Otis Redding.

Favourite football team?

Favourite NFL team is the Steelers. I've followed them for 20 odd years. They've gone a little O oriented nowadays, but I'll let them off for that.

Favourite player?

Favourite player of all time is Casey Hampton - Former NT for the Steelers, 6-1 330lbs, just eats and hits... friggin' hilarious! (Nickname Big Snack).

Football player you look up to the most?

Can't say I look up to any player. Just because you're a football player doesn't make you a role model or some form of idol. I do respect a lot of guys for what they seem to do outside football and how people live their lives. I guess I'll go with Dick Lebeau....played the game, now coaches the game, but just holds himself like a man.  No BS about him.

Thanks Coach, best of luck for the upcoming season! #TPBF