Looking towards 2019 with Goals and aspirations of getting healthy, then what other way than to add the “Fuelled by Nature” protein to your daily supplements. This new Organic Protein formula has been releases by former London Blitz Alumni Paul Summers.

So we caught up with Paul and had a Q&A about “Fuelled by Nature” to understand what his vision is for this fantastic product and how we could get our Extended Blitz Family some discounted Organic Protein an other associated supplements.



Q: provide the Blitz Family with a description of your business?

Our mantra is ‘Fuelled by nature’ to formulate the cleanest, best performing, highest quality fitness supplements.

Our Mission

To provide the best organic, plant-based sports supplements with 100% natural ingredients backed by science to benefit health, vitality and performance whilst supporting the well-being of our planet.


Q: How long have you been in business? In this business?

We started in April 2018 with our design and formulation phase and launched our product range in November 2018. We had 7 months working with sports nutritionists and taste testing products to ensure our products taste good, provide a health and performance benefit in addition to being sourced and farmed responsibly and sustainably. To prove this, we wanted our products to be externally certified to demonstrate they are 100% natural with no artificial ingredients and our ingredients organically farmed, hence, our products have gone through vigorous testing and we are happy to say all our products are certified organic by Organic Farmers and Growers and registered with the vegan society.


Q: How did you get started in this business? 

The sports nutrition market is changing rapidly. For years athletes have obsessed over diet and training then taken any chemically laden trash being bought in by at best sketchy at worst dangerous and illegal marketing spiel and sales tactics. That isn’t for us, we believe in the best, highest quality, raw ingredients and complete transparency in we list everything that is in our products and the ingredients backed by science. People are more aware than ever of the importance of whole, natural foods and moving away from certain supplements due to this. We want to be at the forefront of the natural, wholefood revolution providing ethical, responsibly farmed natural ingredients blended specifically to support health and sports performance.


How did you get the background and skills necessary to run this type of business?

My education background is Sports & Exercise Sciences and sports nutrition. I am a qualified personal trainer and have had years of experience taking sports nutrition products as a high-level sports performer. 

Such a busy market how do you compete and what separates you from your competitors?

It is a busy market but also a rapidly growing one as people realise the benefit of supplements to support a healthy diet and exercise plan. Unfortunately, it is also not a regulated one, anyone can come up with a product and put it on the market that could contain anything. How we differ is our products are ‘great for you, great for the planet’ 

Great for you... science drives our design. In that the ingredients we use in our blends are backed by comprehensive scientific studies to support health and performance backing the claims we make. 100% natural wholefoods will only ever be present in our products, just as mother nature intended nothing artificial or genetically modified. Science is catching up with what Mother nature and the ancient warriors have told us for centuries that the earth provides the best supplements for performance and wellbeing. Many sports nutrition products ingredient lists read like a foreign language of artificial chemicals. You would never include these in your meals and diet, and this should also be the case for supplements. We are at the forefront of a new way of designing and formulating sports nutrition.

Great for the planet… Our products are certified Organic and registered with the vegan society. Any products can say they are organic sourced and suitable for vegans etc. With our certifications our products are batch tested and vigorously assessed to prove these claims. Additionally, we only use plant-based natural ingredients and are cruelty free. No artificial colourings, flavours, sweeteners. Being organic they are also chemical and GMO free. Organic means working with nature, not against it. It means higher levels of animal welfare, lower levels of pesticides, no manufactured herbicides or artificial fertilisers and more environmentally sustainable management of the land and natural environment.  This means more wildlife, more bees, more insects, more birds, better soil and better food!  It’s at the heart of the bigger picture and as we all know.


Q: How do you market your business? How are people aware of your business?

We have our website www.organicsportsnutrition.co.uk, social media platforms that have regular content on our ingredients. We sell on amazon and in the process of working with qualified nutritional influencers in addition to being in talks with national retailers and elite sports clubs. 

Where do you see your business in the next year? In the next five years? The next ten years?

Over the next year we would like to establish ourselves as the leading health and nutrition company for developing the cleanest, best performing plant-based and organic sports nutrition whilst supporting the well-being of the planet.

Five years – Have a wide range of 100% natural health and fitness products supporting varying goals of our customers both nationally and internationally.


Q: Can you describe your customers?

People who care about what they are putting in their bodies and care about health and performance of themselves and the planet. Naturally we have a lot of interest from those following a vegan diet. Especially as the drive and media interest in veganism is growing massively (and so it should be). There is a high and growing number of people who understand the importance of wholefoods and organically sourced ingredients that benefit from our products. Elite sports performers where even a ½ percent improvement in performance yields massive benefits looking for a competitive edge are using our products.


Q: Why do your customers select you over your competitors?

Organically certified100% plant-based100% naturalIngredients backed by science


Q: Are there any ethical concerns that your type of business must deal with? 

Packaging/plastic is the big issue in our industry – We are pleased to say we do not use plastic for packaging. Our powders are in foil pouches and our capsules are in glass bottles with aluminium lids so 100% recyclable.

Responsibly Sourcing of ingredients – Sourcing from organic farms has huge benefits over modern farming techniques for the planet, environment and wildlife.

Animal cruelty – All our products are 100% plant-based. In addition to being cruelty free manufacturing plant-based ingredients is so healthy for the environment! It requires less land, water, and other resources to grow crops for plant-based nutrition. It’s cleaner for the environment, produces less waste and greenhouse gas emissions than the production of animal containing products.


Q: So how can we get this fantastic product and a discount for our Blitz and Extended Family?

By using the following Discount code  BLITZ  (This will be for 25% off)

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