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By joining the London Blitz, you will become a member of a family ranging in age from seven years upwards consisting of players, coaches and backroom / sideline staff.

Being a championship winning club does not mean that we only take on those with experience and proven talent. Some of the best players in our Senior Team are those who started as either Senior Team rookies or came through our Junior Programme. All are welcome to join us and if you are willing to put in the effort and take advantage of the quality coaching that we provide, you too could become an experienced and proven member of our club.

This page will give you the information that you need to make the right choices and contact the right people.

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Over 19s
Under 19s






Like any other sport, coaches are a vital part of our club. Their roles include planning campaigns and development of the teams over a number of years, managing the execution of games, coaching players on technique, and developing their fitness, agility and strength. 

The current coaching staff has decades of international experience, and we are always looking to bring in new coaches across all levels of experience. For more information on coaching the 19+ teams please contact the Chairman, and for more information on the U19 teams please contact Coach Jason Henry.

Current Coaching Vacancies

A TeamQuarterbacks
Defensive Backs
B TeamOffensive Positional Coach
Defensive Positional Coach
Special Teams Coach
Offensive Assistant
Defensive Assistant
Under 19sPositional Coach
Under 17sPositional Coach
U12 FlagHead Coach

What is Involved?

All of our coaches are registered with the British American Football Coaches Association (BAFCA). Our coaches are expected join BAFCA and become qualified to at least Level One within the first year. 

Your level of commitment is up to you. Coaches are expected to attend training and games, but many also spend a lot of time off the field reviewing game and practice film.

Like any organisation working with young people, anybody working our youth teams will need to undergo a CRB check



Seniors (19+)


Seniors (19+)

How do I find out about training sessions?

Please join the London Blitz Senior Team Recruitment 19+ Facebook Group for more information.

What are the Fees?

American Football is not a cheap sport to play, but we do our best to keep costs low as possible. The fees are:

  • League registration: Every player must register for the British American Football League prior to participating in games with the team.
  • Club subscription fee: Pays for equipment, venue hire, training, training aids, regular season home games, away game travel, game uniforms and a load of other things.

What should I bring to my first training session?

You will need to bring:

  • Water
  • Rugby or football boots
  • Gum-shield

When you arrive for the first time, introduce yourself to one of the coaches. Other players will be happy to help you identify the staff.

I have no prior experience, can I still join the London Blitz?

Absolutely, we welcome players from all ages and levels of experience. You will have high quality trainers who will be there to help you develop as a player and take you to the next level.

Do I need my own equipment?

The club has a limited number of helmets and shoulder pads to lend to players each season. However our stock is limited and we strongly suggest that you invest in your own equipment once you decide to continue with the sport for the longer term.  Do ask other players for suggestions and tips. This is also a good way to try on different brands. You can buy your kit online through our partner Football America, who also attend some of our practices so that you can purchase equipment directly.

When does the season start and finish?

The season begins in April and ends in August. Pre-season starts in January.

How often and where are the practices?

Practices will be held at Finsbury Park or Market Road. View our Find Us page for directions. Please see our Google calendar for when we will be and when. Our usual training times are:

Senior A Team

Wednesday: 19.30-21.30. Sunday: 14.00-16.30

Senior B Team

Wednesday: 19.30-21.30. Sunday: 12.00-14.30

I want to help out off the field. How can I help?

Please see our Staff section.

Does the London Blitz pay players or provide other benefits?

No - The London Blitz is an amateur organisation. We are unable to pay players or provide other benefits.



Juniors (U19)


Juniors (U19)

Can I play American football when if I have never played the sport before?

95% of all our players joined with no experience of playing American football other than watching it on TV or playing video games. Our preseason and taster sessions are designed to take educate you on the basic skills required and build your knowledge to the point you are able to play a full season with us.

How do I get started?

It's easy, you can get started with the London Blitz anytime by simply attending one of training sessions. Follow this link to our online registration system and then follow the on screen instructions. Once you're registered we look forward to seeing you at your first session.

I already attended a taster session last year. I really enjoyed it but have not returned due to other commitments. Will I be welcomed back?

Yes. It's not unusual for players to return to the club after taking time away due to exams, school, holidays and other commitments. The club encourages and welcomes all players back to the club and will always strive to make sure you are able to juggle your on going commitments.

We are proud of our track record and are pleased to say that those that play for the Blitz have an unrivalled success rate of going on to further education and successful careers. 

When does the British American Football season start?

The league traditionally kicks off around April and ends in September. Taster sessions run through the winter months and pre-season starts in January.

Taster session spaces from October to December can be limited due to demand so please ensure you register as soon as possible.

Do you have trials?

The club does not run trails as we are a community sports team, meaning players can sign up with the club by attending a taster or open training session and completing the registration process. All individuals are welcome to join the club regardless of their abilities.

When and where do you train?

We train on Sunday morning at Finsbury Park Stadium. Times can vary so please check for more details. 

Why do I need to register via webcollect, can I just turn up?

Details are needed from all participants prior to attending a training session for both medical and security reasons. Webcollect replaces any need for paper forms and physical registration documents - helping the club run a safe and enjoyable training environment.

What position will I play?

Some players may have an idea of what position they would like to play and others are still unsure. Our dedicated coaching staff will spend time evaluating all players over the pre-season and taster sessions and suggest the most suitable position for you to play. Positions are always subject to change but we guarantee we'll make sure you enjoy your time on the football field. 

Do I need to buy the helmet and pads?

No, we are able to provide equipment (Helmet & Shoulder pads) to all players should they require them. Kit is allocated to all registered players during pre season. Should a player wish to purchase their own equipment our coaches will happily advise on what is suitable and where is the best place to buy such items. 

What ages do you allow?

  • Under 19 kitted team is aged 16 to 19 - As soon as you turn 16 you can play. You must be born after 31 August 1998
  • Under 17 kitted is 13 to 16 - As soon as you turn 13 you can play. You must be born after 28 February 2001
  • Under 16 flag is 13* to 16
  • Under 13 flag is for all ages under 12 - Players must be under 12 as of the 31st August 2017 (for the 2018 season)
  • If your child is under 10 and would like to play you must speak to the coaches at the first session

Can I play in kit (helmet and pads) at the age of 12?

Kitted football in the UK is for 14 and over. If you’re under this age you must play flag football which is the non contact version of the game. This is an ideal way to develop the key skills needed to play kitted football once of the correct age. 

Do I need to attend a taster session, can I just turn up at preseason to play?

If you’re new to football it’s advisable that you attend taster sessions to learn the fundamentals of the sport and at the same time make sure you actually enjoy playing rather than watching. Attending a taster session is the best way to start the process of signing up for the club and more details can be found on

I am 16 and not sure if I want to play Under 17 or Under 19 for 2018?

Choosing between being the oldest for one age group or youngest for another can be a difficult decision. Our coaches will work with you during the early stages of pre-season and help you come to a decision to find the ideal team which would support your development and football experience.

I am 13 and unsure if I would play flag or youth kitted football?

Flag football is an exciting element of football with many of the current U19 and U17 squads starting at this level and winning National Championships. Be sure to speak to a coach at your first session to find out more. 

Why must I sign up on Webcollect and why must I get a Parent to also sign up?

For safety reasons we must have some important information before anyone enjoys the football experience. Anyone under 18 we also need Parental consent and emergency contact information.

Do I need all the kit to play?

For the taster sessions you only need a gum shield and football/rugby boots. If you wish to then sign up for the club you will be allocated a club helmet and shoulder pads.

To play kitted football you will need to buy leg pads which are required to train and play in. The club sells sets for £35 which includes belt, bottom sets, and all necessary lower leg pads.

The club also sells training tops which are required to wear over pads during practice. We suggest that players get their own as the club have a limited supply of loan practice shirts.

With your full membership fee you will receive a polo shirt which will be official team wear for all games or club events. The club will have shorts, hats and hoodies available which will be available to be worn when representing the club.

Is there a membership fee to train with the club?

If you no-longer want to just try the sport (taster sessions) and officially join the team, then to continue playing the sport you must be registered on webcollect and signed up as a full member (via the subscription page). Full details can be found on

What are the dates, times and location of youth, junior or flag games for the season?

We will be attending a league scheduling meeting at the start of February, it traditionally takes around 4 weeks to finalise the details (confirming venues, medical cover, etc.)

Once the details have been confirmed we will email all players and parents via webcollect to announce the schedule for the upcoming schedule. 

How can I pay my full membership for the club?

We offer a flexible payment option which helps parents and players budget for the season, a break down in costs are listed below:

Kitted Players U17 and U19 teams

  • Club Fee - £60 which include a free club gift of a polo shirt*
    • The club fee helps cover club costs for the season, such as facilities and practice ground hire, equipment etc. This fee includes all training sessions.
  • League Fee – between £17 & £22^
    • This fee is usually due for payment in March of each year. It is a league fee that covers your individual insurance cover which all players must pay for. Details will follow shortly.
  • Game Fee - £15 per game or tournament
    • This fee helps cover the cost of coach / minibus travel, medical cover and referees for each game. U17 will have around 4/5 tournaments a year and U19 around 6 games a year (not including any playoff or finals).
  • Bottom Sets - £35
    • This is the protective pads, belt and pants needed by players. This is required shortly after the player signs fully for the club.

Flag Players

  • Club Fee - £25 which include a free club polo shirt*
  • Game Fee - £15 per tournament
    • This fee helps cover the cost of coach / minibus travel. Flag teams will have around 4/5 tournaments a year (not including any playoff or finals).
  • Club shorts - £15


1st year university players

  • Club Fee - £25 which include a polo shirt*

    • The club fee helps cover club costs for the season, such practice facilities and equipment. This fee includes all training.






No successful sports club can operate without the support of volunteers to help out at games and at other times. If you would like to contribute to the club as a non-playing volunteer, we would love to hear from you. Please contact the Chairman for more information. Those helping out the Youth teams will need a CRB check.


  • Statistician
  • Game Announcer
  • Merchandise Sales
  • Catering
  • Sideline Staff (chain crew, ball boys...etc.)
  • Equipment Manager
  • Scoreboard and clock operators
  • Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Content creator