How do I find out about training sessions?

Please join the London Blitz Senior Team Recruitment 19+ Facebook Group for more information.

What are the Fees?

American Football is not a cheap sport to play, but we do our best to keep costs low as possible. The fees are:

  • League registration: Every player must register for the British American Football League prior to participating in games with the team.
  • Club subscription fee: Pays for equipment, venue hire, training, training aids, regular season home games, away game travel, game uniforms and a load of other things.

What should I bring to my first training session?

You will need to bring:

  • Water
  • Rugby or football boots
  • Gum-shield

When you arrive for the first time, introduce yourself to one of the coaches. Other players will be happy to help you identify the staff.

I have no prior experience, can I still join the London Blitz?

Absolutely, we welcome players from all ages and levels of experience. You will have high quality trainers who will be there to help you develop as a player and take you to the next level.

Do I need my own equipment?

The club has a limited number of helmets and shoulder pads to lend to players each season. However our stock is limited and we strongly suggest that you invest in your own equipment once you decide to continue with the sport for the longer term.  Do ask other players for suggestions and tips. This is also a good way to try on different brands. You can buy your kit online through our partner Football America, who also attend some of our practices so that you can purchase equipment directly.

When does the season start and finish?

The season begins in April and ends in August. Pre-season starts in January.

How often and where are the practices?

Practices will be held at Finsbury Park or Market Road. View our Find Us page for directions. Please see our Google calendar for when we will be and when. Our usual training times are:

Senior A Team

Wednesday: 19.30-21.30. Sunday: 14.00-16.30

Senior B Team

Wednesday: 19.30-21.30. Sunday: 12.00-14.30

I want to help out off the field. How can I help?

Please see our Staff section.

Does the London Blitz pay players or provide other benefits?

No - The London Blitz is an amateur organisation. We are unable to pay players or provide other benefits.